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World renowned DJ Shy got the shock of her life when American Pranksters teamed up with her boyfriend to teach her a lesson on why you should never take a peak at a gift before it’s time to open the box.  American Pranksters filled a candy box full of disgusting Madagascar Cockroaches and the minute the box opened, the cockroaches went everywhere in her boyfriends car, it took several minutes to get the out of her hair and the car.   Thanks DJ Shy for being a great sport!  Check out DJ Shy at

American Pranksters is a group of anonymous Horror Movie Makers who LOVE to scare the HELL out of everyday people.  Want to prank family or friends?  Call American pranksters at 415-484-5281 or visit our webpage at and let us help us scare the hell out of someone who truly deserves an epic prank.

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American Pranksters Cockroach Prank

American Pranksters Cockroach Prank

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